In the process of design our hangars, we have focused on versatility, convenience of use and maximally short time of assembly and disassembly process.

The structural part consist of steel frame construction made of steel profilles.  Steel profiles are connected in to ways: permanently using a welding process or bolted together.

The filling of the two walls and the hangar door is made of trapezoidal steel sheets with standard profiles.

As standard, the hangar door consists of two parts, each of which is divided into two halves.

The door is attached to the side construction columns with an use of specially designed hinges. This is a cost-effective solution and at the same time allows optimum use of the available space outside the hangar. 

A different type of door is available as an option – to be agreed upon individually with the customer.

The hangar’s structural elements are protected against corrosion with a 120µm thick paint coating. The colour of the paint coating is agreed individually.

The hangar structure is defined according to the snow and wind load specific to the geographical location. This ensures adequate strength and compliance with the standards for this type of building.

Our hangar is equipped with one pair of entry door, the location of which is agreed individually with the customer. The door may be installed either on one side of the hangar door or on the wall.

The roof covering is a trapezoidal steel sheet in an arched shape. It is possible to install skylights made of polycarbonate sheeting. Their installation takes place in our production facility.

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