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Our hangars are built in standardized dimensions, Below we present a summary of the sizes of hangars dedicated to small General Aviation aircrafts

*the length specified is the minimum dimension. Each additional module increases the hangar length by 3,000 mm. The suggested length for both spans is 11,890 mm.

Standard scope of supply includes:

          • complete steel structure of the hangar
          • standard door
          • one pair of entry door
          • anchors
          • rainwater drainage system elements including gutters and rainwater vertical pipes
          • basic internal lightning system
          • electrical switchboard
          • mechanical installation of the hangar
          • electrical connection between lightning system and electrical switchboard

In order to quote the hangar we need to receive some information from you. Here are the most important of them:

          • location of the investment – to determine the appropriate wind and snow load conditions
          • the chosen dimensions of the hangar or details of the aircraft (producer and model) for which the hangar will be built
          • type of door (standard or other type)
          • painting details of the frame and trapezoidal sheets (colours or RAL number)

If you think of wider scope of works (e.g. alarm installation, civil project, civil works, etc.) let us know. The possibility to offer civil works depends on the location of the project. Possibility to offer additional scope of works has to be confirmed.

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