Frequently asked

Do you provide foundations and other civil works?

Very often the Client arrange all civil works including foundations. But depending on the region we can provide this service additionally as well.

Do you provide civil engineering project?

Normally we provide all data of the hangar for Client’s architect, that are required to prepare civil engineering project. All of the remaining data for architect is to be arranged by the Client.

Do you provide electrical project

Electrical design is a part of civil engineering project to be provided by the architect and authorized designers but we can propose a standard solution of the electrical and lightening design.

Which information do you need to quote the hangar?

Go to page hangar quote.

Do you supply steel gutters?

Yes, we can supply steel gutters for our hangars.

Do you supply entry door?

Yes as a standard we supply 1 pair of entry door. Location is to be agreed with the final Client.

Do you supply hangar gate?

Yes as a standard we supply

Do you supply and install lightening for the inside of the hangar?

Yes we can supply lightening as well. Optionally we can install the lightening.

Can I have the steelwork painted any colour?

There are standard painting colors, however any of the RAL color can be choosen by the Client. It will be a subject of individual costing.

Can you offer a hangar with different sizes and properties?

Please send us an enquiry describing your needs.

Do you arrange shipment/delivery?

Yes, we organize delivery to the final destination.

Do you arrange erection of the hangar?

Yes, straight after delivery we assemble the hangar ourselves.

Where do i send my enquiry?

You can either send us an email to

Are all your hangars CE marked?

Yes, hangars are CE marked.

Do you manufacture hangars by yourself?

Yes, this hangars is our individual design and we manufacture them ourself.

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