Prefabricated aircraft hangars


We are a producer of unique aircraft hangars. We dedicate our products to the private aircraft owners, airports and airfields as well as aeroclubs, flight schools and companies operating in the aviation industry. Our philosophy of the hangar is an innovative approach to the investment of building your own hangar.

Hangars will be delivered and assembled at your location.

We are offering unique design, high quality and functionality

Why Skyway hangars are unique?

The concept of our hangar is an innovative approach that takes into account space optimisation, functionality and economy.



Our hangars is a proven design, high quality and durability.


In the process of design our hangars, we have focused on versatility, convenience of use and maximally short time of assembly and disassembly process.


Cost-effective investment!

Have you ever considered that your hangar can be easily sold and moved to another location?


Due to their large size, hangars are not designed to be dismantled and reassembled. Only temporary structures offer this possibility but they are not used as hangars built for the long term use.


With Skyway Hangars this is not the case!

Our hangar is a sturdy structure easy to assemble and disassemble for relocation. And that means a much more beneficial investment!

Fully prefabricated

Based on our many years of experience in the design and implementation of structures and equipment, we offer you proven structures.

You don’t have to worry about how long it will take on site or whether everything will be assembled together. We will manufacture all hangar components in our production facility and pre-assemble them to make sure everything fits. We will arrange delivery to your final destination within a shortest time possible.

With us it will be faster, cheaper and safer!

Worldwide delivery

We have designed our hangars so that transport to the furthest locations would not be a challenge.

All components can be loaded on a standard truck trailer. In addition, we have paid particular attention to optimising the loading space, which reduces the number of transports to an absolute minimum.

All shipping procedures are on our side. In the case of delivery outside the European Union, we arrange customs clearance. 

Become our partner


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